Goodbye, Miss Tigs 7-20-21

In Memoriam: The Pooter--(Tiggy - 2006-2021)

Tigs has traveled on her mysterious journey that we all must go one day.

Last night, Tigs used what ever energy she had left to visit JD in his bed and made her way to ours for the early morning. She was saying goodbye.

Too never hear her thundering purr beside my head again! I am inconsolable!

She quietly, peacefully slipped away around 10:30 pm, July 20, 2021.

You're forever in my broken heart, sweet girl; Tiggus, Tee-Gars, Tiggus Maximus, la Tigre, Tigs, Tignetia, Pooter, Tiggy Tiggy Tavi, Tigsaronius, Tigglepuss, Tiggly-wiggly, Tigtoes, Tiggtiggy, Tee-Dee, T Bones, Tiggybaby, Tiggy Sweets, Teetee, Tit-tees, Miss T, Miss Tiggy.

You were our visiting angel for 15 years. We found you as a tiny kitten in the grass like a frightened bunny. Some worthless, walking waste of the Human species had tossed you and your brother, Hokus, outside, to be rid of you both like unwanted garbage. You weren't! You both were spectacularly special! You were so intelligent and so aware. There was a spark in your eyes. You both filled my heart to overflowing. It now feels permanently broken.

Your short chirp for attention is now an echoing silence in our home.

Run free in the Universe, Sweet one. If such things are real, I hope you find the spirit of Hokey and are made whole again.

If there's any point to this miserable Earthly existence, I hope to find you when I get to finally escape this realm of misery and sadness.

You will never be forgotten by your monkey family, little girl!

We are crushed.

My drawing table is painfully empty without you!


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