Saturday, August 09, 2014

Important! News From Gaza On 9th and 10th August 2014

I am posting this by request of a friend in Gaza. Gaza on 9th and 10th August 2014 The security situation in Gaza Strip is confusing! The Israeli air raids did not stop all night and day! In their air raids in the past 24 hours, they demolished more than 100 homes of civilians!

For instance, last night in 30 minutes in border town of Rafah, they attacked an area with 30 missiles from F16s heavy bombers!

In the meantime, those Israelis conditioned that they will not join the indirect talks with the Palestinian delegation in Cairo except when the Palestinians stop launching rockets at Israel; the Palestinians stopped their military reaction!

It was weird and confusing!

At the humanitarian level, some of the displaced people have returned to their somehow damaged homes but it is still in a reasonable condition to stay in!

This is following saying: "No place like home" or "Home sweet home"!

Some others returned during the 72 cease fire period; they wanted to re-establish themselves in their homes no matter what, as long as shelling, raids and bombing have halted!

In the meantime, there were others who could not leave where they have been staying whether in UNRWA schools or with relatives or elsewhere! Those groups are large in numbers and they have nowhere else to go!

Unfortunately, their miserable situation and lack of clean water for bathing and showering has negatively reflected upon many. There is an appearance of contagious and infectious viral skin diseases on the placed people. Diarrhea, mumps, scabies, cholera, lice and others are somewhat rife.

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