Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Renew Advanced Lancing System :(

As a diabetic, I absolutely dread having to test my blood glucose levels six times a day. I finally found a device that was virtually painless. Sometimes I had to make sure it even worked because there was no pain.

It's a real shame this product has been discontinued. It was probably due to all the boneheads who felt it was complicated to use. Yeah. Real hard people! Open the cover, place the flat cartridge in (there is only one way it can go), close cover and then arm it by pulling its trigger out and in once.

I also believe that, unfortunately, its shape and size made it a little inconvenient to carry.

I hope another manufacturer comes up with a device that makes such a painless jab. If anyone knows of one that is really good, please leave a comment.

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Bill_R said...

I have been using the Renew system and just learned it has been removed from the market place. WHY!!! Anyone know why this great system is gone?