Friday, March 27, 2009

Oliphant Channels Robert Minor

Pat Oliphant, syndicated editorial cartoonist, created a cartoon the other day that has Zionists everywhere screaming their usual accusations of ‘anti-Semitism’. Bravo, Pat, for being one of the few main stream media cartoonists to make a critical statement about the Israeli government’s over kill in Gaza. Anyone who dares criticize Israel is automatically labeled an anti-Semite so the charge has little meaning any longer.

I am surprised that no one has picked up on Oliphant’s reference to the great early 20th Century Communist cartoonist, Robert Minor (1884 - 1952). The Oliphant headless soldier is obviously not  ‘NAZI’ imagery but that of the mindless soldier that Robert Minor called, ‘the perfect soldier’. This soldier dates from World War 1 USA and not NAZI era Germany. I suppose most can be forgiven for not knowing Minor’s work. He was a Communist after all. That’s a scary word for most Americans.


minor - perfect soldier

 By Robert Minor, captioned Army Medical Examiner: "At last a perfect soldier!" (The Masses 8 (July 1916), back cover.)

Oh well, Zionists will scream and cowards will apologize as usual. Israel will continue building unlawful settlements and those settlers will continue to harass Palestinian school children. Murders of Palestinian farmers will continue to go unpunished. Hamas will continue to fire clunky rockets into Israel and Israel will continue to retaliate by obliterating Gaza. The cycle will continue as long as people of good conscience fear the Zionists and Hamas refuses to acknowledge Israel.


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