Monday, February 09, 2009

A Much Deserved Award For A Hero

terry-gilliam_1292534i by Martin Pope

Congratulations to Terry Gilliam, my hero of the imagination who is sadly overlooked by critics all too often. On Feb. 8th 2009, he was awarded the BAFTA Fellowship, the most prestigious prize given out by the British Academy of Film and Television. He joins the ranks of Chaplin, Hitchcock and Spielberg with the prize.

Bafta's Finola Dwyer described Gilliam as "one of the most original, imaginative and innovative directors working in the industry today".

I find it shameful that audiences haven’t embraced his films. Gilliam’s films sometimes have odd pacing which may put off the typical audience who want everything spoon-fed and simple.

More on this subject can be found at the BBC and the Telegraph UK.

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