Monday, October 20, 2008

Right Wing Silliness

I found this on a wing-nut blog. The closer the election gets, the more braying about Obama being a Communist I find on blogs written by American knuckle draggers. I don’t know if this image was done for a humor site but it is finding its way onto the loonie Right’s blogs apparently.



[googleholic] said...

My first coming,.success for you

Servant said...

LoL. American knuckle draggers. LoL. Knuckle draggers with enough nukular weapons to blow up the planet about infinity times.

WTF is up with your comments, Dude? The letter verifer thing didn't show me no letters. Lot has changed at blogger since last I came by.

Edo said...

Nice!!! love the concept. Well done!!

David said...

Yes, it is well done but not mine.