Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Only Happens When Those With Start being Like The Rest Of Us Without


Back in the early 1990's, when President Clinton tried to reform health care in the US, the middle class who were happy with their health care went spastic over the idea of a more national plan. Even the slightest whiff of Socialism has most Americans ripping their eyes out and gnashing their teeth! The old ad above got it almost right. Instead of a government plan being responsible for lack of care, it is private insurers that have raised costs and cut coverage.

Suddenly, these many years later, the middle class are finding themselves being screwed out of health care.  Some how, all those "falling through the cracks" have become a concern. I hope all of you morons from the 90's who opposed any reforms are enjoying the massive bills and lack of care you are receiving now.


I knew this a long time ago--once those with started feeling the pain, the real action would be demanded. Don't expect that action to come from John McCain!

All I can say is, "Harry and Louise--go fuck yourselves!"

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