Saturday, July 26, 2008

Idiot Repugs Screech About Obama's Missing Flag

Apparently all the wing-nuts blogging throughout the secret basements complex of the Ministry Of Propaganda hoped that they had found another "swift boat" moment to use on Obama. These people are terrified of him for some reason (and I believe it really has to do with race) and are desperately trying to derail Obama's presidential chances.

The vomiting out of hundreds of cut and past articles by these bloggers about Obama's supposed Leftist and Communist ties have been polluting the web for months. How about the whisper campaign that Obama is really a Muslim and the fist bump being a "terrorist" fist "jab". Just do a search since I really don't want to provide a link to anything these buffoons post.

The latest non-scandal is that Obama's repainted Boeing 757 no longer sports the US flag on it's tail. His campaign logo has replaced it. This must be another example of Obama's lack of patriotism (fuck, I'm sick of hearing that complaint)! This is guaranteed to spread quickly like all the other horse shit these simpletons spread.


Here's the truth. Obama's plane does have a flag...

Aircraft tail

Just not blown up on the tail like an official government aircraft which would be entirely inappropriate. Surprisingly (or not) super-patriot John McCain's campaign aircraft is missing, guess what, a US flag on it's tail. My God! Does this mean McCain is a mole for the Commies too?

McCain campaign aircraft

Fuck! It's not even red, white and blue! what kind of subversive shit is that? (The red on the plane is an engine cover and not part of the paint job.)

This type of character assassination in US politics is out of control. I think we can blame the corrupt and bullying atmosphere introduced by Bush and uber-pig, Karl Rove. This has brought the worst of America bubbling to the surface like gas emanations from a sewer.

I started out admiring Obama but, unfortunately have been turned off by his pandering to Israel and the Military Industrial Complex. I still believe he will win so I hope his actions reflect better values than those spouted while electioneering to the American brain dead.

Give the man credit where it is due. He is super intelligent and can give a speech like no one else I've heard in my lifetime. Sorry old McCain seems only slight above Bush in his verbal skills. It is really a sad thing to watch. The two of them facing off should be a real hoot. I expect an almost repeat of the Kennedy-Nixon debates. McCain does not have the ability to respond quickly to any jab by Obama.

The best thing all of us could do would be to find all the blogs that claim Obama's plane sans flag somehow represents something sinister, and post a comment responding that McCain's plane doesn't have it's tail sporting the flag worshipers god, the US flag.

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