Monday, March 03, 2008

A Video YouTube Won't Let You See

Apparently this video somehow violates YouTube's Terms Of Service. I find this amazing since there are plenty of NAZI and Neo-NAZI videos all over YouTube. According to Haitham Sabbah, creator of the video:
"The reasons are obvious. This video got enormous number of visits within no time and the effect of it reflected on the supportive comments received by almost everyone watched it there. Zionist didn't like what they saw and decided to complain. They must have invented some reasons and asked YouTube to remove it, and because YouTube are so nice people, they removed it without hesitation!

YouTube is another example of the "Zionist occupied territories". They are ready to do anything to destroy any successful work that expose their war crimes and holocaust against Palestinian people. But you know what, this is just another victory for us and it shows how fragile is our enemy."

It saddens me that in the USA, the one country that supposedly reveres freedom of speech, the one topic that is obviously off limits is any criticism of the government of Israel or its actions.

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