Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Gaza: Oops They Did It Again

Gaza,Oops They Did Again by =No-More-Ignorance on deviantART

The good people in the group "No More Ignorance" have put together this PDF publication highlighting some of the current happenings in the assaults on Gaza:

Artist's Comments
*Israel has been using the heaviest missiles by F-16s. Some experts here estimate that there are one-ton weight of Israeli missiles....

* What happens in Gaza is not an aggression of bombardments by planes, but it is a war of elimination by its full meaning. Babies are being killed, civilians are being killed, and buildings are being destroyed....

Need to reed more?..
Please press Download to get our new PDF project about Gaza, or read it online at Gaza...Oops They did it Again

Done By NMI Teamwork..
~lahandi----> Graphic Design and Layout.
~moudax----> Searching and Preparing.
~alshaimaa---> Searching and Preparing.


Fellow Artist Wake Up:lahandi by =No-More-Ignorance on deviantART

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