Wednesday, October 31, 2007

NBC'S Predictable Response

Recently MSNBC News excluded former Sen. Mike Gravel from a "debate." I emailed several representatives of this corporate media monster conveying my dissatisfaction and disgust over the decision to exclude Gravel. here is the expected reply I received:


From: ~Corp Communications

Sent: Wednesday, October 31, 2007 6:18 PM

To: David Baldinger (email removed)
Subject: RE: Include Sen. Mike Gravel In The Debate!


NBC has offered Sen. Gravel many opportunities to get his message across, in both interviews and debates. However, with the election season approaching and more candidates vying for an opportunity to join the debates, NBC News felt it necessary to set minimum criteria for participation in the debate -- including measuring the amount of time the candidates spent campaigning, as well as poll-standing and financial resources. These are similar to guidelines used by non-partisan organizations that manage the presidential and vice-presidential debates, and leaders and activists from both parties believe these requirements are fair. Unfortunately, Sen. Gravel did not meet these minimum requirements.


NBC News has a long history of editorial strength and independence and made this decision based on the above mentioned criteria.


Gary Sheffer


Executive Director, Communications & Public Affairs

T 203 373 3476

3135 Easton Turnpike

Fairfield, CT 06828 USA

General Electric Company


Here is my follow-up response:


Thanks for the canned response but I'm not buying it. No matter. I did not watch the "debate" nor will I watch MSNBC news again. As for the dog and pony show "debate, I watched Sen. Gravel's web broadcast response instead. His answers, by the way, were much more genuine and truthful than any delivered by the gaggle of political junk-food posing as candidates appearing on stage that night. Plus, Sen. Gravel actually had an opportunity to respond to questions in his own forum. The corporate news media is doing a disservice to the American public by containing the "debates" to "acceptable" candidates for the status quo.


It is a shame I will no longer afford myself the opportunity to watch Keith Olbermann, who has the only program worth mentioning on MSNBC. It is a small price to pay in rejecting the policies of the NBC news division.



David Baldinger


I'm not stupid enough to think MSNBC gives a damn about my opinion but I suggest everyone else who believes the current state of US presidential elections to be disgusting, do the same.


It is obvious to anyone with half a clue that the establishment has already determined Hillary Clinton "our" choice. She is not mine and never will be. I reject totally her Democratic Leadership Council and centrist policies as just more of the same, old horse shit that has led the USA down its current, destructive path.

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