Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Cartoon For December 16, 2006 People’s Weekly World

I see that whatever problem I was having with images here at Blogger has been corrected. After having spent the time setting up my blog over at my hosted site, I think I will continue using it. I hate the thought of using up my storage allotment for more images but I have come to enjoy using Blogdesk to post with. Microsoft has a new blog writer called "Live Writer" that is very nice, surprisingly but I like the drop shadow Blogdesk creates on images a little better. Live Writer works with Blogger but Blogger doesn't allow for uploading images through a system like this. If you just post text, it is a good idea.

I've been noticing that I still have a lot of traffic to this blog but almost nothing at my new one. Please, if you are interested and find yourself here--click on through to:

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