Thursday, December 07, 2006

Everyday A Bigger Pain!

Blogger Beta has been acting very stupid lately. For some reason, pictures I upload do not appear in the posts. I give up trying to get all the Blogger problems solved. I've decided to install a Wordpress blog on my hosted site. I will from this post on be using my "Cartoons & Stuff Blog."

To publish this post, I had to save as "draft," reopen it and then publish. It seems that to make Blogger better, they are making it worse.

1 comment:

servant said...

Ragifrabit! Yet another horney toad widget!

Have links, will travel. Updating....

Oh great, now I gotta remember my freekin wordpress password. Just what I need. Another password to remember! Why doesn't this silly thing just know who I am?

In your case I don't mind, David. You make it totally worth it.