Thursday, November 09, 2006

Most Hilarious Quote Ever!

"We have to stand on our principles and we will be successful again," said former House Majority Leader Tom Delay, the Texas Republican who resigned in June after being indicted in a campaign-finance scandal. Democrat Nick Lampson won his old seat Tuesday.

"This loss should remind us what we stand for," Delay said. "This country is center-right in terms of its values. We need to show this country that we can take leadership on those principles."

Hey Tom! Shut the fuck up. What exactly ARE your principles? I know you think being handed cash is a political right. I know you think political favors are the way to run a government. I know you like to exceed your authority by calling out federal agencies to hunt down your home state's legislators. I know you like to bully opponents. I know you like to help out sweatshop owners in US territories. Explain to me where Christianity actually enters into your thinking except to dupe Fundamentalist voters? Principles? I doubt you have any that aren't any other color than green--you miserable fat-phuck pig. Can you tell I despise this piece of human excrement?

You are irrelevant now. I still hope to see your corrupt ass thrown in jail soon but seeing your Party go down in flames mostly because of you and that sorry excuse for a President has been a pleasure. Tom, you need to borrow some Oxycontin from Rush Limbaugh and take a nap. Go ahead and soak your fat ass in those hot tubs you are so fond of. Hopefully it's going to be a long time before anyone ever wants to hear from this pig again.

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