Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Disgusted Beyond Belief

Some thoughts on the acts of major stupidity occurring in the USA this week.

1) Democratic Congressman Charles Rangel has called for reinstating a military draft. Forget it Rangel. No one is interested in your call for more war fodder. You should be finding ways to keep the US out of misadventures like Iraq instead of making it easier to throw troops at every international problem. After the results of the November elections, I have to wonder how you can be so disconnected to the public’s dissatisfaction with King George the Dunderhead’s Middle Eastern fiasco.

2) Demand for help from food banks has dramatically increased but donations and resources have fallen according to USA Today.

They claim that actual numbers requiring assistance has fallen. That is sure not the case in my area.

And then I find this:

3) The Pentagon wants 127 billion dollars more for the Iraq/Afghanistan fiascoes. Apparently this is on top of the 70 billion already in the budget.

This article states that the US has sunk over $500 billion on its “war on terror” since the 2001 World Trade Center attacks. All I can say is, “Jesus fucking Christ!” There’s plenty of money to feed the appetite of the military Industrial Complex but the citizens can just go starve. Hey! That will probably lure more of the working class poor into the military. Overpriced Halliburton subsidiary Kellog, Brown & Root provided meals sure beat hand- me-down cans of lima beans and generic boxed macaroni and cheese. (This I know from experience.)

My disgust balloon is about to pop!

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