Friday, October 27, 2006

Ohio GOP Smears Al Franken

As posted on Think Progress:

Ohio GOP Smears Al Franken In Press Release With Doctored Photo, Fabricated Quote

Yesterday, the Ohio Republican Party sent out a news release (full text here) attacking Rep. Sherrod Brown (D) for enlisting the support of comedian Al Franken:

It is not surprising that Sherrod Brown is enlisting the help of a Hollywood liberal, who like him, is so far out of the mainstream of Ohio values. What is troubling is that Brown would solicit support from someone [Franken] who compared conservatives to Nazis “who should drink poison and die.”

The quote used in the news release is taken from Bernard Goldberg book, 110 People Who Are Screwing Up America, in an alleged interview between Goldberg and Franken. But in his book, Goldberg makes it clear that the exchange is completely fictional. The Ohio Republican Party represented it as fact. (there's a big surprise! DB)

The news release was accompanied by this photograph, showing Franken dressed up like a baby bunny, wearing adult diapers and clutching a fluffy white teddy bear.

Andy Barr, director of Franken’s Midwest Values PAC, confirmed, “The picture is a fake.” The Ohio Republican Party used a 2004 AP photo of Franken for the doctored image:

It seems that as we draw closer to November 7th, the Republicans are pulling out all the stops in the dirty tricks department. They must really be worried. As my wife likes to quote the oft used phrase, "everything holds the seed of its own destruction." I am also reminded of the idea that Capitalists will sell you the rope that will hang them. Republicans are tripping over themselves giving us ammunition to end their aspirations of continued power.

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