Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Midnight Dumpster Diver

The apartment complex where I live provides a dumpster for trash. This morning, I was dropping a bag off and came upon a huge raccoon looking through the garbage for tasty scraps. At first, when it saw me, it couldn't decide what route to take for an escape. Finally, it decided to try and squeeze its huge belly through the gap between the dumpster and the dumpster's door. It struggled for a few moments and this is what it looked like. The whole scene was quite funny, the poor thing. After managing to get through, the raccoon climbed to the ground and looked back at me. I'm not sure if the look was embarrassment or disgust at my interrupting dinner.

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servant said...

This is hillarious. I've been in the exact same predicament as the racoon in certain entertainment venues, so I can relate. There's never a back door when you need one.