Saturday, October 07, 2006

I Give!!!!!

There is no way I am going to buy another Microsoft OS. Win XP is as far as I go. Eventually due to the ultimate end of support and updates, I will be dumping XP. I've been experimenting with Linux in various forms. There is a lot to recommend this but it just ain't there yet for us normal, average computer users. I'm pretty good at figuring out how to make things work usually. Still, I will tolerate a headache only so far. My most recent experiment was with Ubuntu. The install went well and everything works great as far as internal hardware goes but...try getting a goddamned Epson scanner to work and see how pleasant the experience becomes. I followed every bit of instruction I could find. Everyone seems to have a different method. The assumption a person is familiar with the terminology is also maddening. Can someone manage to write step by step instructions that don't look like NASA commands to the Mars Rover? I understand the Epson scanners are bitchy with Linux but for Christ's sake, can't anyone come up with a simpler way to get it to work. How many people want to have to convert a rpm to a Debian package and then have to alter numerous conf files? Not many average users will and this is why Linux will remain a tech hobby. I also don't appreciate the hard core linux users being general dickheads when it comes to answering questions in forums. Oh yeah, Firefox acted weird too. Sections disappeared or rows of icons would form in blocks. Very strange. Linux, when you grow up and become civilized, you might gain general adoption.

Once again, Linux came off my second hard drive and I returned it to my storage drive.

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