Thursday, August 17, 2006

YAY! My First Anti-Semite Insult

From the contact form on my website:

Name = mike
Visit = No, I wouldn't visit again
Hear About = Link from another site
Comments = the us government gives money to Israel because they are in a region where every single country wants to bomb them off the map. If we didn't aid them and help protect them, the Jews would once again be killed by the millions. and you, you anti semite, wouldnt do a damn thing to stop that would you
subject = Survey Results

I should have known the fool is from Texas:

Host Name
IP Address
Country United States
Region Texas
City Plano
ISP Pppox Pool - Rback31.irvnca

Once again, here is an example of the idiocy that equates anyone who doesn't like approve of Zionist or Israeli government actions being called an anti-Semite. He has also bought into what is known as the "Holocaust Industry." I do not subscribe to the idea that because of the Holocaust, Israel is free to use brutal tactics against anyone it has issue with. This fool thinks he knows what my motivations are or what I would do in the case of a massive assault on Israel. Kiss my ass, you moron. I believe that Israel has aright to exist as set by UN charters and I also believe that the Palestinians have a right to territory that was designated for them. Israel needs to return all territory it has confiscated in the name of security. I have no hate or ill-will towards and Israeli or Jew. I have no ill will towards any people. We are all Humans that have a right to live in peace on this planet.

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Ben Heine said...

Hello dear David, how sadly people make confusion and take intellectual shortcuts, poor Mike.