Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Rah! Rah! An America Firster Mumbles

I discovered this today from another member of the Flag-Waver Peanut Gallery:

"Boy, your daddy wasted his his money screwin' your momma."

"David Baldinger, an alleged cartoonist, has an interesting take on the freedoms here in the United States. Of course, the United States Secret Police has teken him into custody. Oh, wait a mean he's not in jail for criticising the government? He isn't being harassed by the government?"

The saddest part is that these people really believe what they say.

He also makes the same mistake all these goons make in a more recent post "Skeerd by a wittle dog?" He states in the post, "This is so f*cking stupid. Jail a man for scaring a killer? You gotta be kidding me! Why is the military there? To coddle these f*ckers?"

Ah, Mr. Passionate Conservative--at no point were any of the prisoners identified as "killers" or "terrorists." I don't want to burst the bubble that is your Texan head but every Arab is NOT a terrorist. Sometimes I think having any logic or sense is drowned out by the sound of chewing steak gristle. I can guarantee that if this brave member of the 101st Keyboard Brigade were in the same position--with a trained attack dog snapping at his face while restrained--he would be shitting his pants just the same.

This is the only time I plan on responding in any way to jugheads like this. There just is no point getting into a back and forth exchange with Bush groupies. As my friend, Carlos Latuff says:

"This message is for all my brothers and sisters-in-arts.
My intention here is to publish copyleft imagery, which will address socio-political messages not available in the so-called "mainstream". Right now I have many supporters reproducing my cartoons in t-shirts, magazines, leaflets, books, newspapers, websites (and even walls) all around the world, from Washington DC to Seoul.

If you agree with my points of views and want to support me, please, don't waste your precious time in useless discussions with right-wingers. Don't feed flame wars with trolls.

You are fighting the fleas instead to fight the dog. Let's keep our focus on BIG dogs only.

The best thing you can do is to save my artworks, reproduce and forward them to other people. And let those right-wingers speaking alone...That's called STRATEGY!"

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