Thursday, August 24, 2006

Greetings, World!

مرحبا يا رفاق (Thanks, Ahmad)

Hello mijn vrienden!
Bonjour mes amis!

Hallo meine Freunde!
Γειάσου οι φίλοι μου!

Ciao i miei amici!


Olá os meus amigos!

Привет мои друзья!

¡Hola mis amigos!

여보세요 나의 친구!
Dzień dobry wszystkim ludziom! (thanks Nika & Ben)

I've been noticing a lot of traffic visiting this blog from all parts of the globe. I hope you all have found something interesting here. I really would like to know more about my visitors so please sign my guestbook.

If any of these greetings are incorrect please let me know. I used IM Translator so the reults could be suspect. I will add any language provided to me. Just don't try and trick me into posting something naughty or not what I intend others to see. :)


LinF said...

Juat keep it coming, esp the "stuff"! I might learn something!

a h m a d said...

If you want to add Arabic greeting. :)

مرحبا يا رفاق
(Hello friends)

Ben Heine said...

Hi David, if you want in Polish :
Dzien Dobry Wszystko ludzi! ("Hello everybody")

roro said...

Glad to see the Chinese words...hoho...^_^

Nika said...

Unfortunately my friend Ben is wrong. In polish it should be "|Dzień dobry wszystkim ludziom".

heinebenjamin said...

Ha ha, sorry David, my girlfriend is Polish, and I didn't ask her to check what I tought was right. Shame on me. ;) I still have to learn a lot! Thank you dear Nika for the correction.
"Dzień dobry wszystkim ludziom".
Hope you're better David...