Saturday, August 19, 2006

Burn The Witch!

A Rabid Right-Wing Comic Strip "Day By Day" by Chris Muir

Those clever Wing-Nut bloggers have saved America once again. They apparently have outted a notorious commie journalist working for Reuters in Cuba. I have seen these attacks on Reuters before. I suspect this must be some effort to cast doubt on the news provided by a "furrin" news service. You just can't trust anything not coming from der Idiot-F├╝hrer's Homeland News Bureau & Comedy Department.

Somehow from deep in a dank bunker in Idaho, some America-Firster discovered that Marc Frank, Reuters Cuba correspondent, used to write for the Communist Party USA's People's Daily World (now The People's Weekly World) back in the 1980's. Since Marc has written a couple of books and not made a secret of his past affiliation with the CPUSA, I'm not sure why this revelation warrants such chickenhawk frenzy but there it is none the less. Always vigilant, I guess, protecting the shores of America from threats of free thought and association--things they are so quick to accuse communist and socialist regimes of stifling. The implication here is that Mr. Frank's possible political views taint his news reporting. Now they know how we all feel about Faux News...

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