Saturday, July 15, 2006


I had to rebuild my blog tonight. For some reason half of the page wasn't appearing. When I looked at the template, half was missing. This time I made sure I backed up the template so all I need to do next time is paste it in again.

Some of the alterations I've been making probably aren't correct CSS. Everything seems to work OK though.

It was miserably hot today and the humidity was nuts! So much for keeping the electric bill down. The air conditioning runs constantly just so we are able to breathe. Asthma is not fun.

I finally got the front brakes on my car replaced. They were nearing non-existence. At least everything is all done. It is inspected ($83), the oil is changed ($25.00) and finally, the brakes ($205.00). I'm sure this all would have cost me much more had I not gone to High School with the garage owner and he is a reputable and fair mechanic. It's so hard to find a garage that won't rip you off. I'm mechanically brain dead so I never know if I'm being lied to. The state inspection is done by private garages and they operate like thieves.

The wife and kid are fighting once again. I can't even remember what started it all. The wife needs to learn how to be angry. With her, everything escalates into an all or nothing battle with threats of moving out or tossing the kid out. Her responses are always way over the top. I know this has a lot to do with her being horribly abused as a child by her Father but it is still a stressful thing to put up with.

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