Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Kittens Like Playing In Water

Last night I was planning on giving the kittens we found outside a flea bath. I was expecting an ordeal. I ran a couple of inches of water into the bath tub and went looking for the shampoo. A few minutes later, my wife shouts for me to come look at something. This is what she found--the kittens slopping around in the water! I have never in all the years of having cats, had one that willingly went into any amount of water. The photo isn't a very good one since I didn't want to distract them too much. A captured some video that I will post in the near future.

I never did give them baths since I couldn't find the shampoo. I'll have to see how they react to being really wet another day.

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Kittenwtw said...

Tuxy use to like to play with the bubbles when he was a kitten. I have given him baths and he doesn't really fit it.

Cassie screams bloody murder when I would give her a bath, I never gave her one again.

Carly once jumped in the bath tub when she was a tiny kitten. It was a good thing I was there! Carly always got a bath. She didn't like them but it was necessary in her case.