Thursday, June 15, 2006

My Massive Amazon Wish List

I was looking through my Amazon wish list today. It has grown quite huge! I appear much more materialistic than I thought. Well, not really since my list is filled with books, music and DVDs. That’s all I really care about. You can add art and photo supplies but I would never buy from anyone at Amazon. The prices are no bargain. I generally buy art supplies from Dick Blick. Their prices are good and they ship quick. My wish list there isn’t as large.

Anyone looking at my rather eclectic collection of wants would probably scratch their head in confusion. How does a person go from wanting DVDs of Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure to 400 Blows or The Battle Of Algiers. The only thing that I can say is that my tastes are as fleeting as my moods. Sometimes I need really stupid comedy or cheesy cult horror movies. At other times, I need stunning artistic films.

My reading has nearly stopped lately. My focus is for crap. The slightest noise distracts me. I actually feel physically exhausted having to reread the same sentences over and over again. My retention stinks as well. It is really frustrating since I love to read. I can’t remember the last book I finished. Oh yeah, it was William Gibson’s All Tomorrow’s Parties. I can’t explain why I am able to read Gibson with more success. Maybe it is the way he writes. He changes characters quickly from scene to scene. My attention is held because I don’t get bored as easily. It is impossible for me to read “modern literature” that usually is about the emotional plight of college professors or relationship crap. Boring! I really don’t care how artfully the sentences are constructed. Tell me a damned interesting story, please! How the Hell does anyone read Pynchon? More than likely I’m just stupid…

I don’t take Ritalin or Adderal anymore since they gave me headaches—real bad headaches! It just wasn’t worth the benefits. They really helped me focus though. Oh well. For those of you out there who believe all the misconceptions about these drugs, let me tell you how they work. If a person truly has Attention Deficit Disorder or other disorder of this type—the drugs don’t act as speed. They actually work the opposite on ADDers. I can focus and work. If someone doesn’t really have this brain chemistry problem, the drugs won’t make them catatonic and compliant. These kids would be bouncing off walls like maniacs. Why does everyone want them? Because they are SPEED!

My train of thought kind of derailed there.

I was writing about my huge wish list at Amazon. I can dream of having all those DVDs, I guess. Most of the films I had on videotape but since many were over twenty years. The image quality hasn’t held up. With the clarity and color of DVDs, I can barely tolerate the washed out, blurry looking tapes. Lately, due to my pathetic financial situation, most of my DVD purchases have been from the Wal-Mart two for $11 box. If I dig deep enough, I can find some surprising movies like Midnight Express.

Buy From Amazon. Com:

Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure

400 Blows

The Battle Of Algiers

All Tomorrow’s Parties

Midnight Express


Kittenwtw said...

Wow ! I enjoyed reading this latest post. I have a big list on Amazon and I do once in a while pick something up. I got I wanted for $1 penney and only $3.95 to ship!

Latuff said...

Hey man...I see you really like cats eh?