Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Maria McKee

Maria 1989

Oh boy! I’ve never really been much of a celebrity gazer but over the years I’ve found myself infatuated with two. The first I went nuts over was Nastassja Kinski after I saw her in Roman Polanski’s Tess (1979). This is still one of my all-time favorite films. Unfortunately, I hear the current Sony DVD sucks. It’s been cut down and the transfer is supposedly bad. What a shame. Now back to the sad story. Wouldn’t you just know it that while I was away in England during my Air Force stint, she wound up filming a movie near my hometown. (Maria’s Lovers). Just my luck. Oh well. It’s not like she would have spotted me in a crowd and come rushing over, arms wide, proclaiming love at first sight!

The second celebrity love of my life was and is Maria McKee. Back in the mid ‘80’s she blasted me out of my seat with her incredible voice and the band, Lone Justice. I remember listening to their two albums (on vinyl then) and staring at her adorable face on the record covers. What a moron I was. What has made me think about her again is that I’ve rediscovered current music. I find myself still enamored. Her voice has only become better with age. The song that really is grabbing me today is “Show Me Heaven.” As far as I can tell this track is only available on the Days Of Thunder film soundtrack. I find it to be stunningly beautiful and that voice—my God—that voice! Why she isn’t more popular and well known indicates nothing except the complete lack of taste by the American public. Maria, you are so beautiful is so many ways. Now that I’ve completely raised my dork flag, I must get back to work.

Maria Today

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