Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day To Me

So today is Father’s day. I have never paid much attention to these greeting card holidays. They’ve always seemed to me just excuses to drive the Capitalist—Consumerist need to move product.  Mother’s Day and the assault by the diamond industry makes me want to vomit. Christmas is a total mess.
When I was little, my Dad was mostly un-attending—even though he was present. That didn’t help my opinion and complete lack of care about the damned day. Believe me, there was no “World’s Greatest Dad” mug or t-shirt in his personal items.
I didn’t even realize that today was Father’s Day last night when I threw together my little video “Don’t Ever Have Kids” that can be seen below. I was joking, of course. My son can be a smart mouthed son-of-a-bitch and a real pig but I guess, I wouldn’t want it any other way. I know he won’t remember the label applied to today’s Hallmark bonanza without prompting so, “Happy Father’s Day to me.”

Good Lord, he turned 19 yesterday!  Now I’m really starting to feel old!

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Kittenwtw said...

I have 20 minutes left to wish you a happy fathers day!