Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Haditha Cartoons On Cagle's Professional Cartoon Index

Haditha Cartoons

I am not surprised that the collection of mainstream political cartoons were all particularly lame when it came to making a statement about the Haditha, Iraq civilian massacre. I hope mine were a little more serious. I could not bring myself to draw something using goofy caricatures and one-liners to portray this disgusting episode. I know my opinion matters little to the illustrious members of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists. Cagle himself mentioned that he had never heard of me in one of his newsletters. I wear that as a badge of honor. The last thing I want is to be lumped in with the artistically spectacular but ultimately pointless editorial cartoonists of the American press.

I was particularly appalled by one by Eric Allie of Chicago's Pioneer Press. I will include it regardless of his copyright concerns. A cartoon this ridiculous needs to be seen. I encourage any one on the progressive left to write Allie and gives him an earful. Being anti-war does not mean being overjoyed at the negative incidents caused by US Forces. This does nothing for anyone's cause. Allie is an ass.

I don't give a damn if this cartoon is under copyright. Go to Hell, Allie. Please pass this cartoon and Allie's email to everyone who will feel as outraged as I do. Oh yeah. One more thing, Allie. Haditha wasn't a "tragedy." It was a war crime. Big difference, you moron.

Eric Allie

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