Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Cartoons By Tomy

Following are some cartoons by my cartoonist friend in Havana, Cuba. He goes by the name of "Tomy." He was one of the founders of the Cuban humor supplement, dedeté.

"Bomb Man"

This cartoon refers to the Cuban ex-patriot international terrorist Luis Posada Carriles. Harboring this CIA operative and butcher is contrary to Bush's claim of opposing terrorism in all forms. I guess being a terrorist for the USA makes a person not a terrorist. He is also one person from south of the border that the Bush Administration has no problem with sneaking in illegally.

"We have raised the prohibition to hunt on the border"


"My God! With prices like those, I wonder what will be the price of a liter of freedom?"

As far as I am able to translate this--I think I am close. If anyone knows exactly, let me know. I don't know Spanish and have to rely on machine translation. I try to make sense out of it from there.


"They will not be able to deny that we have the most creative prison system of the world..."

"Operation Miracle"

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