Saturday, June 24, 2006

Cagle's Web Log!

Daryl Cagle asked for opinions on the cartoon by Steve Benson. Typically, most of the comments he posted were by those outraged by the cartoon. The responses say a lot about how misinformed and ignorant the American public has become. The general tack here seems to be "shit happens in war," "The soldiers have to protect themselves" or "the cartoonist is a traitor." I would like these brain-dead arm-chair patriots to please explain how executing an old man, several women and even babies--shot through the head--has anything to do with protecting soldiers or even being legitimate collateral casualties of some intense operation. The truth is that the initial report was a lie and contradicts what appears to have happened. As for the shell casings being from AK-47's, I was unable to find any information about that anywhere but on Right-Wing apologist blogs. This, I'm sure will enter the mythology of the Iraq war like Iraq's involvement with the 9-11 attacks on the World Trade Center and Saddam's massive arsenal of chemical weapons that the Wing-nuts buy into. America is doomed by its own stupidity.

Cagle's Web Log!: "Do you understand THEY CUT HEADS OFF OUR TROOPS?!! YOU DUMB ASSES. Our TROOPS should be able to defend against attackers when under fire. Wait and see what the outcome is.And then print that. I bet that will happen. Watch the video of people getting their heads cut off, you tell me what kind of people these are. Have you seen them?"
"Hasn't it occurred to anyone the shell casings in the videos on TV were from AK-47's, a weapon NO us military force uses?"
Jim Johnson
"I was appalled at the cartoon. After what has happened to our marines in the last two weeks, I say that the cartoonist had gone to far. I say what they ( whomever they might be) since our troops really do not know who the enemy is) do to our troops is only suitable for our troops to do to them. Who is this cartoonist that he should make such a bold statement. Has he been in combat, has he experienced the brutality of war? I doubt it. Put those SOB's on the front line with pencil,pen and paper and let them then draw their cartoons.
Sue Archer, A proud American who stands behind our troops."

All I can do is shake my head and wonder from what planet these people came. I wrote giving my opinion but, of course, Cagle ignored it. Here is what I sent in:

"So Steve Benson's drawing has the rabid Right all running in circles with their undies in a bunch. If these people don't like their sacred view of the US military tainted then maybe they should demand the military do better. Editorial cartoons should cause commotion. If they are just funny little caricatures on the editorial page that are forgotten as soon as the eyes pass over, what is the point? Once again, we have a case of killing the messenger for even bringing up a distasteful subject. I, for one, am sick of the simple-minded justification for the carnage and possible torture being that terrorists get what they deserve. After so many years, how many Gitmo detainees have been determined to be actual terrorists? What was that number again? Maybe Bill O'Reilly knows. I certainly don't The fact that most of these people have no connection to terrorism seems to escape the pro-Bush and pro-war cheerleaders. What's wrong with me? It is obvious that all people of Middle Eastern descent automatically qualify as terrorists. It is this sort of dehumanization that allows a NAZI Germany to exist or supposedly civilized people to find no revulsion in the execution of the elderly, of children and of women. It is hard to be a proud American in the Bush era. I can't even imagine how the unfavorable depiction of a military symbol causes more outrage than machine gunning children. I guess that is why we have soldiers capable of committing such acts in the first place. Whither America. I just shake my head and feel shame at our place in the world.

David Baldinger
Greensburg, PA

PS. I am the David Baldinger you "never heard of" who has cartoons in the Iranian cartoon "contest." But that is a whole different story. Maybe you should ask me about the truth of the matter and not subscribe to the hysterical falsities of the American press."


Senor Cheeseburger said...

You make me just as ashamed to be an American as those Marines accused of these heinous crimes.

You both make me sick.

David said...

What ever that's supposed to mean. You lost me.