Sunday, May 28, 2006

Lewis The Cat

Lewis The Cat
Lewis The Cat,
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I just recently found out about poor Lewis. I guess he has attacked some people in Connecticut but there is some contention as to whether it was provoked not. He is currently under "house arrest" awaiting his owner's trial on reckless endangerment. Some woman who is suing the owner wants Lewis euthanized. I think this is outrageous. Don't these people have better things to do than go to court ? I can see going after medical costs or whatever but I could never demand that someone's pet be put down. I'm sure whatever happened to the woman suing is no joke like most of the news have been playing the story. My mom had her legs attacked by a cat I used to have. She would panic at sudden noises and my mom made the mistake of stomping her feet when her damn little rat-dog started yelping. This set the cat off and she went straight for my mom's legs. She got clawed up badly. The cat stopped doing this when she went after my wife's Basset Hound. That was a big mistake on the cat's part. Basset's are designed to tear up weasels and stuff. I grabbed the cat, the dog grabbed the cat's tail. Cat in right hand is chomping down on said hand to get away and my left hand is is the damned dog's mouth along with the cat's tail! The cat ended up with a broken leg (it was deformed to begin with). I spent the next couple of hours in the emergency room soaking both hands in iodine or something and then getting a bunch of stitches. The doctors and nurses thought it was all quite humorous. I didn't. Yuck, yuck. Well, the cat settled down after that as soon as she came out of hiding. She was a long hair tortie. I've heard that they have problems genetically. I've never researched it though.

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