Thursday, March 16, 2006

A Bimbo Brain Fart

This morsel of wisdom from a Yahoo message board regarding the free tuition of low income students at Stanford.

Subj: Poor shouldn't be in college
By: megan_e_lowry
megan_e_lowry's Yahoo! profile
Date: 03/16/06 11:09 am

Our society doesn't stand to gain a thing, and stands to suffer a great deal, by educating those from the lowest socio-economic backgrounds to enter the professions. Once such persons become attornies, judges, professors or legislators, their bristling resentment and low class attitudes effect the formation of public policy.Public discourse ought not to be conducted in the grammer of Da Hood or the local trailer park. That fact that it so frequently is, however, explains in large measure the Dumbing Down of American culture.

Is this a hoot or what? I just had to post this. I wonder how many of our fellow citizens "think" the same way? Most of the posts made assumptions that Stanford was somehow lowering standards. Obviously, if you come from low income, you must be stupid as well. Whither America. Whatever dream there was for a free and equal society is gone. Plutocracy rules!

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