Monday, February 06, 2006

A Personal Cartoon (Originally From Sunday, 08 January 2006)

I was thinking about how we are all so dependent on technology and our electronic toys. I spend too much time sitting in front of my computer and am constantly being yelled at for not spending time with the family. Where is the rest of my family? The kid is parked in front of his computer watching DVDs of some badly made animation called “Aqua Teen Hunger Force.” He finds this show hysterically funny. I just don’t get it. He also is all wired up through his amps and effects pedals for his guitars.

The wife is stretched out in her recliner watching endless true-life crime shows on Court TV or the perpetually running episodes of all flavors of “Law And Order.” Unless I’m watching a DVD of a film, I get bored with television. The occasional “Frontline” on PBS or something interesting on “Animal Planet” are my standard diversions.

I would rather be chatting with my various friends from Cuba or Dubai. I am making contact with cartoonists from all parts of the world. It is a real shame that more Americans aren’t given the opportunity to see cartoon art from places like Russia, Iran and the Middle East. I think, by far, my favorite cartoonists all reside in Cuba. The variety of styles and originality, in my opinion, are second to none.

So much for spending time with the family.

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