Monday, February 06, 2006

Cubans Oredered Out Of Hotel In Mexico

Can the Bush Administration act more ridiculous than the following item from Mexico? Our current President and his gang of thugs act like elementary school bullies.  The civilized world must reject the demands made by these bastards!
Expulsion of Cubans Scandalous
Havana, Feb 5 (Prensa Latina) The Cuban media Sunday called scandalous the order given by US authorities to expel Cuban officials and businesspeople from the Maria Isabel Sheraton Hotel in Mexico City.
The incident was triggered when US Treasury Department, in line with extraterritorial blockade regulations against Cuba, ordered the Mexican Sheraton manager to expel the Cuban guests, who were scheduled to attend a business meeting with representatives of American oil companies.
The Cubans were even banned from having water or food, and even from using the facility corridors.
"This latest arrogant, small-minded US gesture reminds us of what might be summarized in only one phrase: they want to cut off water and power supplies to us," Juventud Rebelde wrote using a Cuban slang.
Local radio stations agreed.
"As they have not been able to do it against all of us during their more than 47 year-old blockade, this was what the White House ordered against Cuban officials who were meeting with US businessmen, Juventud Rebelde added.
To cap this absurdity, they were not reimbursed the money already paid for a three-day stay which finally ended up in only one night. Regarding this attitude, the US Embassy in Mexico said that no US people or company can provide services to any Cuban person, agency or company. According to a US Embassy spokeswoman, such is the case of the Maria Isabel Sheraton facility, which is owned by Starwoood Hotels Resorts World, a US company.
The daily added that anyone can be rightly angry, but when an upset stems from a failed, arrogant policy that wants to make an entire people surrender, the upset is simply despicable.
It is obvious that the US Administration of George W. Bush has escalated its provocation against Cuba, the daily stressed, as it concluded by reaffirming the Island´s conviction to resist any pressure and continue building its social model.

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