Monday, February 06, 2006

Book With My Cartoon Finally Published

A cartoon of mine has been included in an educational reference book. Below is info from the publisher's web site:

Opposing Viewpoints SeriesAmerica in the Twenty-First Century (paperback edition)
Published by Greenhaven Press

"As America moves forward in the twenty-first century, many forces are changing its society. The authors of this anthology examine the causes and effects of some of these forces, including the impact of the American lifestyle, the role of technology and foreign policy, and domestic issues such as education, social security, and immigration policy."

Published/Released: January 2006

ISBN: 0-7377-2924-4
Product number: 198262
Price: US $23.70

"Long-standing series about controversial contemporary issues continue(s) to turn out exceptional titles. Greenhaven's Opposing Viewpoints presents multiple perspectives on hot topics such as abortion, the death penalty, and censorship through excerpts from primary materials ranging from speeches to cartoons."-- Booklist (October 2001)

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