Sunday, December 04, 2005

Site Redesign

New index page for my site.

I've begun redesigning my cartoon website over at *Tripod. I'm changing the name from David Baldinger's Red Ink to David Baldinger's Cartoons & Stuff. I figure it will be a little more professional and also give me the ability to display different types of work instead of only political things. As it stands, the site is closed with only the index page visible. Hopefully, I will have a chance to get it all up and running quickly. I just wish I could afford a domain and a host. Tripod started out as a perfectly fine free hosting site but they are starting to pile on the ads. They aren't as annoying with pop up ads as most but the page ads make it difficult to design a page that isn't cluttered. Their ads force my images down the page at least an inch and a half.

*Update: My site is now David Baldinger's Cartoons & Stuff with my own domain

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