Wednesday, November 16, 2005

GOP Dreams

According to Capitol Hill Blue, there is a GOP memo floating around that has "GOP insiders" floating "blue sky thinking" ideas about how and what could happen that would launch Emperor George back to the top of the popularity charts. Not surprisingly, they are hoping for another terrorist attack to boast his ratings as he would, they hope, spring into action and save us all from the afternath. As if the Katrina response doesn't give all of us with sense the willies at the thought of another disaster where we would have to rely on "strummin' George's" response.

So far, I haven't come across any major news source checking into the validity of the memo. Even if the memo is not true, I still would believe that George's minions are secretly hoping for some sort of diversion to pick the boss up out of the bottomless pit he's dug for himself.

Cuba's Granma newspaper reported this but, of course, they would not be taken seriously by any corporate news outlet in the US.

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