Thursday, November 03, 2005

Business As Usual

"There is no question. I first learned about Valerie Plame working at the CIA from Karl Rove," Cooper said.

Did any of us think otherwise?

Some of tidbits of amusing news fodder:

Mexico has officially joined the International Court and also rejected signing the US 's permission slip that gives immunity to the US. Apparently, not doing this get your international aid from the US cut off. Something is happening. More and more countries are rejecting the US demands and proceeding with membership, aid be damned. The US appears to be losing a lot of influence as it becomes harder to justify its hypocrisy.

I think threatening a country with financial repercussion falls into the extortion category. If there is a rogue nation roaming the planet, it is the USA.

The new motto of the US should be: "Do as We Say, Not As We Do"

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