Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Rosa Parks

Much has been written about the death of Rosa Parks. I am finding amusing material by Right-Wing fanatics who are making much about her (possible) Communist Party affiliations. I have no idea if she was actually a member. It doesn't matter. It shouldn't be a surprise since the CPUSA was at the front of the push for equal rights. This seems to surprise the Righties. Well, they aren't big into the civil rights thing anyway. That evil subject is left to us radicals.

I found this hysterical post from a couple of years ago:

"Happy Hacker 01-23-03, 11:33 One could guess that Rosa Parks wasn't a "tired woman". A tired woman wouldn't want to get in a fight over a seat but would have moved to the back of the best to rest and avoid a hassle. That it was a staged event makes much more sense. Deliberatly breaking the law to call attention to a law is a common method of protest. Still, Rosa Parks is black hero for breaking the law (leftists often make heroes out of lawbreakers). Unless it was morally necessary to break the law (in this case, it certainly wasn't), respectable people don't try to change laws by breaking laws. Everything our children learn in school about blacks is a lie. Rosa Parks isn't any different. Besides, segregation on the buss and other segregation laws aren't like losing jobs, promotions, and college admission becuase the law requires racial preferences. Another option for blacks would have been to start their own bus company and have whites sit in the back (actually, blacks wouldn't allow whites to ride at all)."

If this twit actually knew history he would know that Rosa said many times that she wasn't physically tired from work, just tired of giving in to this kind of treatment. The writer of that post exemplifies the type of person who made Hitler possible. Just do as you're told, don't make waves or rock the boat. I hope if the time comes for me to stand up, I will have more guts than that. He should feel ashamed and pathetic.

I find the statement about Leftists making heroes out of lawbreakers especially funny. This line in particular:

"Unless it was morally necessary to break the law (in this case, it certainly wasn't)"

Excuse me? Making a little black lady give up a seat for a big, tough white dude seems rather morally reprehensible to me. Even being forced to sit at the back of a bus is totally ridiculous. Absolutely no reason for such a law other than to place Negroes in a second class position.

I won't even get into the rest of that racist diatribe this boob posted. He sure wouldn't want me to make the generalization that all white people are uneducated morons based on his writing. Sadly, you can go to any Yahoo message board and find much worse.

It is so sad that these people still exist in 21st Century America.

Ok. Back to my original thought. Was Rosa Parks a card carrying Commie? Again I don't know. I never asked anyone in the Party. Maybe they know. Many articles on the Right are stating that the textile union Rosa belonged was "controlled" by the Communists. Sorry, McCarthyites, the Communists didn't control anything. There were members involved for sure but I don't know of any union or non-CPUSA organization that took direction from the Party.

It is nice to know that us Commies are still the bogeymen of the Right.

I hope everyone likes my tribute cartoon. (above) I was kind of sick of so many depicting Rosa getting on a bus to Heaven. Ugh! I would be embarrassed to see that I did something so obvious.

Rosa Parks' Mug Shot
December 1955

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