Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Her Act of Courage Changed a Nation

The Power Of Refusal

Common Dreams

The hate mongers are still chattering away today. I must laugh at the gutless wonders who hide behind anonymous keyboards. None of these pathetic bigots would have had the balls to do what Rosa Parks did back in 1955. They are like the white supremacists and neo-NAZIS who would never be caught walking alone wearing their glorious brown shirts and swaztikas.

What strikes me most about the Rosa Parks story is the power of simply refusing to comply. We need some of that today. When gas prices become ridiculous due to greed, we should just stop buying any for as long as it takes. I know it wouldn't ever happen since most Americans will just continue complaining while filling their SUV tanks.

We despise this Bushco war. No one should be adding their bodies to the cannon fodder. Let Bush, Rove, Cheney and Rumsfeld put on some worthless body armor, a brain bucket and man the turrets if this cause is so important. Yesterday, Bush said more sacrifice would be required. What has he sacrificed?

This "looking out for myself" attitude has got to change. This is exactly the mindset that is encouraged to maintain the status quo. How many times have you been told on the job not to discuss your salary with anyone else? If everyone thinks they are getting the best deal, they won't rock the boat and jeopardize the situation.

We need a boycott of "business as usual".

Colorized Booking Photo
Was this staged later? I can't imagine this being
photo worthy before the events that would follow.

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